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6 Months of Iyla Noelle

6 Months of Iyla Noelle

* Disclaimer: I am totally late to the party AGAIN….by almost 2 weeks - Time is flying..

Happy Half Birthday to my baby! I’m dying just realizing that she is already 6 months. She is growing like a tiny little weed and I am always trying to cherish every little moment.

A common line I have to repeat to myself is, “she will not be like this forever…cherish and remember it”. Every good or bad day that she has and wants to snuggle is a day I have to constantly soak it in.

I recently took her for her 6 month check up and she is a whopping 14 lbs 13 oz and 26 1/4 in long. This babygirl is a big girl. She definitely feels solid when you hold her. We are very blessed she is growing appropriately. I will say one shocking moment for us is that she is wearing 9 MONTH sized clothes! We feel like we skipped over 6 month clothes completely haha.

I’m also super excited because her eye color has officially stopped changing and she is officially a HAZEL eyed baby with light brown/blonde hair! Fun fact, I had the same hair color as a kid and then it changed into a dark brown as I got older - maybe if we are lucky hers will stick!

Daycare. . .

is still watching her 3 days a week. Unfortunately they still don’t have as much success with feeding her which I have come to the conclusion that they just don’t heat up her bottle correctly. I also get a little frustrated because if she doesn’t eat the milk they attempt to feed it….down the drain it goes 😑 Nothing hurts a breastfeeding mom more than her milk going to waste after spending all this time making sure I am producing and pumping it out. While at daycare, they feed her baby food so that helps keep her from starving the entire time.

Sleep. . .

is something we are working on. I recently was shamed because she doesn’t sleep through the night yet and wants to feed at times. Either way I don’t live my life to a textbook blueprint so if she’s hungry, then I’m gonna feed her! She also is a nap fighter most days because she doesn’t want to miss out on anything exciting but she catches up eventually.

Mama’s Sleep…. .

is always dependent on my stinker. I will say I get more than I used to so it’s the little wins that count.

Breastfeeding…. .

is still happening! I am so proud I have made it to my short term goal of 6 months. There were so many times I wanted to quit and just transition her to formula but I just kept pushing. She’s a rough one to feed only because she wants to look around and take in her surroundings but other than that, she is perfectly content breastfeeding and latching way better than her newborn tie stage.

Food Feeding…. .

is pretty good. She’s still eating only puréed baby food. I think in about 4 weeks or so we will start her on more mashed table foods to try out and see how she does. Alina is super picky so with Iyla we are really gonna try to give her lots of different foods.

Mobility…. .

is something else we are constantly working on. She is not ready to crawl yet but is wanting to be mobile. She gets upset for tummy time but she’ll get over it eventually. She is fabulous at sitting by herself with no support which is a huge win for her! She’s also been wanting to stand more. We keep saying she’s gonna walk before she crawls!

Iyla has brought so much joy to our families and we all just can’t get enough of her. She loves her sister so much and can’t wait to terrorize everything with her. She’s a little babbler and only giggles at her sister.

Nothing makes life sweeter than my two girls! Keep following along to continue our journey and growth tracking of Iyla Noelle ♡

♡ Renee Michelle

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