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My First Trimester

My First Trimester

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who congratulated us and is just as excited for us as we are! You all had such kind words and we cannot be more thankful for all the amazing friends and family that we have to support us on every journey we encounter. We are so excited to share this new baby with you all! It’s a completely different experience for me this go around because I’m a bit older than when I had Alina, as well as we are being a bit more open about it this go around. Very few people knew we were expecting Alina until I literally had her and she was a few days old and I introduced her to everyone haha! SO..that being said, we are trying a different approach this time.

I am finally out of my First Trimester and in the second. I wanted to give you guys a little update about how my first trimester went. Being that we found out so soon, I feel as if the first trimester was just the longest process ever. Of course we were planning on having this little one so my birth control was discontinued and BOOM I got pregnant haha! A few weeks after I got my birth control out, I was feeling a lot of breast tenderness and just knew that there was something going on. I bought the digital pregnancy tests that say “pregnant” or '“not pregnant” because no one has time to be diagnosing faint pink lines haha! So I took one test and it came back positive and of course I took a second one to be sure which was dumb but two tests came in the box and I might as well get my money’s worth. Both tests read boldly, “PREGNANT” and I kind of panicked and felt like I was going to pass out even though I was planning this to happen haha. I was immediately nervous to tell Daniel even though we had already talked about having our second and last child at that. I had a bright idea to possibly give him the news in a creative way but that would take a few days of planning and I cannot keep a secret from him so I ended up just scratching that idea completely and put my big girl pants on to break the news. I did record the conversation/reaction which I am definitely keeping to laugh at for years to come haha. But overall his reaction was a mixture of nervous, shocked, and tad freaked out LOL. It dawned on me that no matter if you already have a kid or not, the news is always very shocking no matter what.

There were only a few symptom that were extremely prominent this time:


My biggest struggle throughout the entire first trimester was how tired I was everyday. I would struggle to wake up for work and then I would be passing out by 8/9 PM. All tasks were very tiresome. Small tasks would exhaust me to a point of having no desire to do much. Hence that is why there was no blog activity the entire time because I just could not peel my rear off the couch to put energy into anything other than my mommy/house duties which were also a struggle. Daniel was very helpful throughout the whole trimester with household and child duties because I was like the walking dead! No joke.


Aw man..the lovely uncomfortable feeling of nausea. I consider my nausea experience a bit mild because luckily I was not needing to vomit. There are plenty of pregnant women who constantly have their head in the toilet and I was fortunate to just deal with the uneasiness. Keeping saltine crackers and water around all the time was my saving grace to keep it at bay.

Smell Sensitivity

When I was pregnant with Alina I had a very sensitive sense of smell and it has returned with this pregnancy as well. Every time I had to open the fridge I would be gagging. There wouldn’t be anything that smelled spoiled, but the smell of the inside of refrigerators would set me off. If I needed to get something out I would hold my breath, grab what I needed and shut it quickly. It was quite tortuous at the time because it was such a pain to deal with. Daniel would just watch me and shake his head in disbelief haha!


Another symptoms that returned for this pregnancy was my weakness of raw chicken. I had a hard time cooking it when I was carrying Alina and this go around I can’t even look at raw chicken without gagging. For grocery shopping trips, Daniel has to pick out the pack of chicken while I stand away from the meat department completely. Raw beef is not an issue, but raw chicken..YUCK! Don’t even get me started on cooking it. If it needed to be trimmed or cut I have to force myself to hurry through it and gag the whole entire time. Love to eat it - hate to cook it.

Bloating & Gas

TMI but who cares! This is a serious pregnant issue and I know my other mama’s can relate! This is the WORST symptom of them all because you cannot get rid of it. Anything and everything you eat just bloats and gases you up which is awful. I would try to eat vegetables so I could be making healthy choices and they would just create an uncomfortable feeling. I honestly don’t remember dealing with this when I carried Alina but maybe I forgot it for a reason hah!!


It’s actually really interesting and funny that I have a set mood this time. I noticed I get extremely annoyed and irritable easily. Whether it be at work or at home, I am always ready to kick someone or shoot out some attitude. Daniel thinks it’s a funny symptom and tends to poke at me more often to make me mad. (so rude) Hopefully this goes away soon because I don’t want to be an angry pregnant lady hah.

Baby Blues

Lastly, I felt like I dealt with a bit of the blues only because I was not interested in doing ANYTHING. A lot of that could have been my tiredness mixed with the blues, but either way I was not motivated. All tasks felt like it was just too much energy and I didn’t want to do it. I just wanted to sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing. I luckily am now feeling a bit more energy and clear mind which has been super helpful.

The first trimester is always one of the roughest ones which I am glad are over! I am so ready to enjoy my second while getting some more cravings and baby kicks coming my way. If you guys have any questions let me know! Comment, send me an email of contact me on social media. Until next time…

xoxo Renee Michelle

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