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Influenster Honest Beauty Review

Influenster Honest Beauty Review

OMG you guys! I have been MIA and I apologize. The last couple of weeks have been a bit wild. I had a ton of final assignments to finish for the end of my crazy summer semester. The summer kicked my butt and beat me into the ground, but I ended it with a 4.0 so...I WIN! Being that I struggled the whole summer keeping up with all my assignments and life mixed in, I decided that I was going to take the week after the semester ended off to just relax and recharge my batteries. It was a well needed and relaxing week not having to worry about anything being due and if I wanted to binge watch Orange Is The New Black...well I did it proudly and shamelessly.

So I was chosen for another Influenster campaign to review some products which makes me super excited because it's like a mystery box. Luckily this go around I got some beauty products! The theme of the Honest Box is centered around Jessica Alba's Honest Company and the beauty line that she has now come out with as an extension of the company. The goal of her company is to create products with clean products that don't have any chemicals and unknown ingredients that could harm us. I do love the idea of her company, but let me just say something really quick about Jessica....she does not have anything nice to say about New Mexico. She has come here maybe once to film a movie like many celebrities do and she bashed this beautiful state we call home. Many New Mexicans are aware of her dislike for our state so it causes a bit of a distaste of her.

Nonetheless, I was sent her products to try out and I am going to do a honest review of them despite the things she has said.

The products that were included in the box were:

Influenster Honest Beauty Contents.JPG

InStyle Magazine

To start with, an issue of the July 2018 InStyle Magazine was included in the box with Jessica Alba herself as the covergirl. InStyle is a fabulous magazine and I loved that they made the boxes a bit different by including that in there as well. The main point of sending the magazine of course was the article about Jessica Alba and her interview. I did take the time to read her interview with the magazine editor and was able to get a feel of her and her personality out of the interview. She did give a background as to why she has chosen to dip into the consumer business with her brand and I will say she is very smart by making sure she is in all industries, not just media.

Everything Primer

This primer is a moisturizing and mattifying primer that can be used prior to makeup application. So for one, I love that it is meant to mattify the skin and it is oil-free while being best for acne prone skin. I found it interesting that this product is infused with bamboo powder which helps to blur any imperfections. To apply, you use a dime size dollop and gently rub all over your face followed by your makeup application. I definitely can feel the moisturizing aspect of this product over the last week that I have been using it. I tend to get oily throughout the day and I can say I did have a slight reduction of shininess going on by 4 PM. Another interesting fact about this product is you can also apply it over your makeup if you get that mid-day shine look going to help reduce any further shine from appearing. I have  yet to try that technique but possibly when I do not have to go in public I will experiment a bit more with it haha. This product retails for $21.99 and you can find it at my dearly beloved Target!

Extreme Length Mascara + Primer

Mascaras are a tricky product because I feel like the effect is dependent on the wand. I was pleasantly surprised to love the simplicity and effectiveness of this particular wand for this mascara. One end of the tube has a primer with a tiny little baby wand and the other end has the mascara with the unicorn wand. The main feature of the wand is the bristles go from small to large and they are spread out quite a bit to help spread out your lashes reducing the risk of clumping. I was pleased the wand helps prevent any over-application of product and it is easy to control. On top of having the great application of the mascara, it also gives a lengthened look to add as a cherry on top. My eyes are particularly sensitive to many mascaras so I have not had any issues with this one. I will say I loved the way this mascara makes my eyelashes look and they stay looking fabulous all day long. You can grab this product for $14.99.

Lip Crayon Demi-Matte

Lastly, I received a lip crayon that is in the color "Marsala". It's a pretty mauve-ish color that is very smooth upon application and moisturizes your lips at the same time. Lip products are like mascara, the formula of the lip product is the deciding factor of the usability and if it will have a lasting effect. This product retails for $12.99.

Overall, the products are good quality and are clean products that you can feel safe using. I will say they are a bit on the pricey side, but all makeup has began to increase in price over the years with how popular the beauty industry is now. I was scrolling through Target's website and saw that the Honest Beauty line also has an eye shadow palette that is $20 with a few mauve looking tones as well which has intrigued me to try out. I will definitely let you guys know how my trials of this brand go and I will be back soon!


xoxo Renee Michelle


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