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5 Months of Iyla Noelle

5 Months of Iyla Noelle

I would like to just start off by saying that I am so so sorry I haven’t been keeping regular updates of Miss Iyla the last couple of months. I have been trying my very hardest to just be present with her and enjoy all the time I have while she is a baby because I know she won’t be a baby for long and won’t need my cradles forever.

I told myself she may be my last little baby and it makes me so sad but I also am enjoying having her around - our whole family does. Coming to the realization that she is already 5 months is killing me. Time waits for no one and that’s a fact. If only she can stay a little baby forever.

Little Iyla is such a little cutie patootie. She watches big sister a lot so she feels as if she needs to hurry and get on the move so she can keep up with her.  I also am still tripping out that she is SO BIG! She is fitting into 6 Month/6-9 Month clothes which is crazy. I think that’s why I get so sad about her growing because she is like a little string bean with some jelly rolls for legs haha!

She is such a happy little baby too. Her happiest time of day is the morning, no crying (unless she’s ready for her morning nap) but most of the time she is smiling away. She does still give off a happy attitude in the afternoon, but by that time she is winding down and a lot more squealer-ish.


is still a sore subject! She is at daycare 3 days a week - thank goodness for my amazing in-laws because they watch her the other 2 days when we are at work. She’s a pretty chill baby when she’s at daycare but she doesn’t like to eat while she’s there. Other than her eating issues, she doesn’t give them too many issues.


is very sporadic. In all reality, I probably should put her on a schedule but I just don't have the time being that I am at work during the week. Her naps are so random throughout the day. Sometimes she will be down for a long period of time and other days she is cat napping here and there. As for nighttime, she is not sleeping through the night because she is feeding throughout the night - especially on days that she didn’t eat that much at daycare. She tends to make up for her lack of feeding during the day at night. 

Mama’s Sleep…

is still lacking haha! Still so tired…


is going so much better than what it was. She is able to latch herself now rather than me fighting her to latch. The only issue I have is that she sometimes will not drink continuously for 10-15 minutes. She is more likely to be eating for 1-5 minutes and cluster feeds or just continues to make up for her lack of eating at night.


is progressing. When she was 4 months, she learned how to roll. Now she’s a master of rolling. Constantly steamrolling around haha! She is trying so hard to figure out how she can crawl. She’s mastered lifting up her bottom but is still struggling to push her torso off the ground. Watching her sister run and jump around is her favorite activity, so she is more than motivated to get started on her mobility. We also put together her Jumperoo which has been so cute. She has not mastered the actual jumping yet, but she LOVES the toys. Being able to be up and taking in the scenes is her jam!


her baby food has been our new venture. We started trying to give her rice cereal when she was four months which she is still somewhat iffy in her book. She love love loves Apples mixed in her cereal! She will just say mmmmm…the entire time which is literally heart melting! According to her daycare teachers she loves to eat squash. But we’ve mainly been taking it slow and trying the fruits to find out what she likes. She’s not too impressed with Banana’s currently 😂

Last but not least…

She’s starting to giggle. She will laugh at anything Alina does! Daniel and I on the other hand have to work really hard for it. She has such an adorable giggle, she scares herself sometimes!

Miss Iyla Noelle is such a blessing to us all and we are so happy to have her - our family is now complete with her in it!

xo Renee Michelle

6 Months of Iyla Noelle

6 Months of Iyla Noelle

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