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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

Hey Beauties!! A couple months ago I told you guys about a mega Amazon skincare haul which you can read here if you missed it! So I got a bunch of fabulous products, but one of the products that I ordered is one of the most highly rated products on Amazon. Drumroll.....The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. You can purchase it for $9 and you get a whole lot of product so it's definitely worth the money.

Once you pop open the container, it is all powder, so you can take some of the product and place it into a little dish to get ready for mixing with the chosen liquid. According to the packaging, you can mix the product with either water or apple cider vinegar to reap more of an intense benefit from the clay.

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So I of course have been testing this product or quite some time and have been going by trial and error. I have had a few struggles with it so I wanted to let you guys know my experiences and mistakes as well as tips I have learned along the way.

How much product is needed?

My first time I used WAY TOO MUCH product, I think I measured out like a whole TBSP of clay and it was just too too much so DON'T do that hah! My next few tries I have found that you just need a tiny spoonful into my dish and slowly add water until I get to the right consistency.

How do you mix the product?

I have to say that it is pretty difficult to mix it up into a smooth consistency. The directions advise you to NOT use any metal products during mixing. My first attempt it was pretty clumpy and I believe I used the wand part of a makeup brush. So I then tried using a stiff makeup brush, but that was extremely clumpy as well and difficult to mix because the product would get stuck in the bristles. I bet you guys will never guess what I found worked best for me of Alina's old plastic baby spoons LOL! We kept quite a bit of them because we use them as coffee stirrers in the morning, but now I have found another use for them. You gotta MacGyver beauty to make it work!

How do you apply it to your face?

So after I mix it up into the consistency that I like, I will take a stiff makeup brush, you can use a foundation brush or a larger stiff contour brush to apply it. If there are still some clumps in the mixture, that's totally fine. Just brush the product all over your face avoiding your eyes obviously, or you can just do problematic areas, T-zone etc.

How long do you keep it on your face?

I try to keep the mask on for about 5-10 minutes max! It gets very stiff to the point of no face feeling haha! But do not worry, it is just sucking out all the bad stuff from your pores!

How do you take it off?

I take a washcloth and gently wash it off with warm water. There will be some slight redness after you remove it, but don't worry, it goes away fairly quickly.

Little disclaimer, if it starts burning after you initially put it on, immediately wash it off. Be sure to always be careful when trying out new products that could possibly harm your skin. We are trying to keep healthy fabulous skin, not irritated burnt skin hah!

I hope you guys consider ordering the product and trying it out! I love to use it when my face feels like it's needing a detox. If you wanna take the plunge here is the link and I will see you guys for my next post!!

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xoxo Renee Michelle


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