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Friday Loves

Friday Loves

IT'S FRIDAY!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! My sass was out all week at work and now it's time to tone it down a bit and reset over the weekend LOL. I'm telling you guys, once the sass comes out...there's no stopping it. I think a lot of my sassy attitude has been peeking through because I have been on a little road of self reflection. I will have to create a whole different post on that personal journey of mine, but I did want to give you guys my Friday Loves. I promised to be dedicated to posting every Friday FOR SURE and I am keeping my word.

Girl, Wash Your Face

Girl, Wash Your Face.jpg

This book has been super popular on the charts and I of course needed to see what it's all about. Little secret about me is I LOVE TO READ! Once I start reading a book, it's like my mission to finish it within a week because I just can't put the books down. I tend to go through phases where I read a ton of books back to back and then I chill out for a couple of months all to restart the cycle. As I said above I have been on a journey of self reflection and self love so I am all into the "Self-Help" books/podcasts. This book was so motivational and inspiring I LOVE IT! It was written by Rachel Hollis who is a popular blogger of The Chic Site and party planner. Definitely recommend you guys check it out.

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations


So I love me some Oprah! She is fabulous and extremely inspiring. Who does not love, "You get a car, you get a car, YOU get a car!!!" Seriously she is LEGENDARY! Anywho, she has a podcast called Super Soul Conversations where she interviews a ton of different celebrities, doctors, authors, etc. and they have truly deep conversations that touch your soul. This podcast is just the cherry on top of my self reflection journey and it definitely gives me all the feels. If you are looking for some inspiration, motivation or just an interesting listen, tune into this podcast.



If you guys love reading blogs as much as I do, you need to go and check out Bloglovin'! It's like the social media platform for blogs. You can explore and discover new blogs that spark your interest. I used to think that there was only Pinterest to discover blogs, but this site makes it so easy to scroll through and just read a ton of blog posts organized by niche. You can also download the app and read on the go. I check my app daily for new posts from my favorite bloggers. Definitely one of my fave social media platforms.

Skin Is In


For a long time I have held a goal to get my skin right and tight so I could go out into the world without foundation confidently. I love makeup and it's awesome to get glam, but I definitely do not have the time in the AM to be going in on my face before work. I ordered a ton of skincare products from Amazon as you guys previously read here. I have religiously been working on perfecting my skincare routine and I was finally able to go to work WITHOUT foundation! I was so proud!!! My bestie has been getting certified for lash extensions, so she practiced on me over the weekend and I kept an all natural look for my work day look - NO foundation and NO eye products. It has felt AMAZING to be able to get ready quick and feel confident in my own skin. SKIN IS IN right now and I am definitely a supporter of the natural fresh trend. I will be coming up with a post on my reviews of all the products I have been using so keep an eye out for that!

So that is all of my loves this week. There definitely was a trend going here....motivation, inspiration, self love and self care. I have been all up in my feelings lately so you will probably be seeing a lot more "emotional" posts.


The Best Facial Cleanser To Fight Acne

The Best Facial Cleanser To Fight Acne

Friday Loves

Friday Loves