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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Hey friends!

We are a few days away from Mother’s Day and if you haven’t got a gift for that special mom in your life - no fear - I got some great gift ideas that don’t involve shipping!!

I’m a crazy cup and coffee lady so I always think those are fabulous gift items.

This little keurig is adorable and would be perfect for any mom! I personally want to purchase one to keep at work so I could keep the mom fuel flowing.

Of course you need to get a cup to go along with the keurig so this “Super Mom” mug is perfect because aren’t we all a superhero pretty much 🤷🏻‍♀️! I actually saw this in store and it has a pretty iridescent color - I had to talk myself out of buying it! #crazycuplady

Speaking of iridescent, these wine glasses from anthropolgie are absolutely beautiful!

I also love any form of YETI cups because they are so awesome at keeping drinks hot/cold. Being that I never have the time to sit and enjoy my entire cup of coffee at one time, I have been using my YETI to keep my coffee hot so I’m not having to reheat it multiple times. Always an awesome gift along with all the other tumblers/cups.

I love to follow Chrissy Tiegan because she’s always cooking the most amazing foods. So her cookbook is a no brainer fabulous gift if your mama is a foodie/cook. I feel like cookbooks aren’t used enough these days because we have so much access to technology. Always nice to keep physical books around and gift/use them.

Convenience and time saving is something all moms look for and electric pressure cookers are both of those things! I have an electric pressure cooker and it’s such a unicorn at cooking foods quickly! I tell everyone they NEED one.

Another product that’s super convenient for that mom that’s always on the go is a NutriBullet. It’s such a nifty little appliance to get her morning shake mixed up and she can get out the door quickly.

During my long scrolls through the Target website, I saw this ADORABLY CUTE fanny pack. Fanny’s are so in right now and so useful to carry essentials without a big ole purse.

Also, check out these awesome slippers that say “Mom Life”. Love them!

When I was scrolling through Anthropologie’s website, I saw this adorable “mama” necklace that is literally the PERFECT gift. Can never go wrong with jewelry.

I also think these oil diffusers are beautiful. The ceramic flower stoppers sold me immediately. This would be perfect for her to place in her office or bedroom to freshen up the place.

Lastly, if you wanna splurge on that amazing mom, a google home is always a fabulous option. We have an Amazon Echo which comes in handy. This particular google home is quite compact so it’s not gonna take up a lot of space. Instead of having to physically google everything, just ask the google home and BOOM!

Well that’s all my finds/ideas for gifts to show your mom, wife, baby mama, grandma….the list goes on and on…any form of mom how much they’re appreciated and loved!

Let me know what ideas you have or what you got if your shopping is already complete.

Xo Renee Michelle

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