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Influenster #CherishVoxBox Review

Influenster #CherishVoxBox Review

Hey friends and new friends!! I was recently chosen to receive the Mother's Day edition Vox Box from Influenster. If you are unsure what Influenster is, see my previous post here where I break it down.

When I was notified I would receive a special Mother's Day box, I was super stoked because I figured it would maybe have some pampering products. To my surprise, there is something for all members of the family. I will say I was slightly disappointed in this one only because I wished there were more skincare products haha. I am a sucker for beauty products LOL.

Nonetheless, they are free products to test out and I am always grateful when I receive a box! Here are the products I received this time around:

  • BarkBox Toy for Miss Molly
  • Mott's Juice for Lina
  • Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Deodorant for my boo
  • Pantene Foam Conditioner for me
  • Vera Wang Fragrance for me

BarkBox Toy

Miss Molly got the cutest mushroom toy! Unfortunately, my dog acts more like a cat so she is never too excited when she gets a new toy. We try to buy her toys but she has her top five faves (that are ratty) and never warms up to any other toys. Being that she was not appreciative of this free gift, I will pass it along to my sisters dog and see if he appreciates it more. BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that contains $40 worth of doggie products - 2 toys, 2 bags of all-natural treats and a chew. The toy Molly received alone was worth $10-$18 so that's worth almost the full price of the subscription without the other goodies that come with it.

Mott's Juice

As parents, we are always trying to make sure we give our kiddos nutritious food and drinks. The flavor we received was Apple Raspberry and it's 100% juice with 30% less sugar compared to 100% apple juice. I took a swig of it and I didn't find it too bad, but of course the real tester was going to be the child...dun dun dun!!!! Little backstory before I give you the taste test reveal, Lina never used to like any juice of any kind. She was a committed milk and water drinker until recently. Thank goodness for daycare because they help warm her up to different juices and foods. She did a tiny taste test of this juice and she wasn't too much of a fan, but I put it to chill and see if she'll give it another try. I took a swig of it and it really does not taste bad at all. If you guys wanna give it a shot with your kiddos, you can find it at Target for $3.49 for a 6-pack.

Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Deodorant

Dry spray deodorants have been all the rage lately and I was super curious about this one. I told Daniel he has to be my guinea pig with this product and report back with a review! After a few days of him using the product, he said it seems to work fine. I did watch when he used it the first day and can say 1. Smells good..manly like all mens deodorant haha 2. It definitely is a dry mist - didn't seem like a wet spray that will get on your clothes. Quite intriguing product! I literally feel like I need to go and pick me up a dry spray deodorant to try myself..or I can just use that one. We shall see... 

Pantene Pro-V Foam Conditioner

Just like all the new products coming out, this product is interesting. We are used to creamy conditioners that give our hair that extra help for moisture. This product is a foam conditioner that is said to give daily moisture renewal. Using this product is definitely similar to using a mousse. I definitely always look for a product that will help give my hair some moisture and repair being that I use curling and flat irons on my hair that can be very damaging. I will continue using this product for a while to see if there are any major differences but if you guys want to try it, it retails for $6.99 and I'm sure you can find it at many different drugstores.

Vera Wang Embrace Fragrance

 I will start off and say I am not too much of a perfume type of girl. I prefer lotions that are scented to give myself a fragrance. I just have never really got too much into the use of perfumes. But of course I was excited to see what this VW scent was all about. The packaging says it's a Tuberose, French Lavender, Cocoa Bean and Vanilla...YUM! In case no one knows what a Tuberose is, it's a little adorable bundle of flowers that look like trumpets  - legit had to google it. SO..back to the smells fabulous. It's a light scent but a very girly romantic scent. This fragrance retails at $29.99 which I think is a great deal for a designer fragrance. I legit would consider buying this fragrance and that's saying a lot.

Definitely enjoyed many of these products and I felt like there were a couple good ones! Call me selfish, but I totally was hoping there were a bit more beauty products. Of course those are right up my alley..shocker I know. At the end of the day, I am very thankful for the opportunity to receive these boxes and share them with you guys! Until next time I will talk to you all soon!

xoxo Renee


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