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Two Months of Iyla Noelle

Two Months of Iyla Noelle

It’s so cliche but I can’t believe Miss Iyla has been with us for two months already!

For the most part she is such a good baby and we are now noticing her personality is rolling in. At her 2 month doctor’s visit she was weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs which is fantastic. She has been wearing size 1 diapers since she left the hospital haha she’s a chubby little thing so I’m sure she’ll be graduating to a 2 here soon.

She is also really long so she is now fitting in 0-3//3 month size clothes which is crazy to me! 🤯 We had to say goodbye to all her newborn sizes.

I’m also super anxious to see what color her eyes are going to turn out to be because they’re still a grayish tone. There is a possibility they can go green, hazel or brown. I’ll definitely keep everyone posted though. I have a feeling we may have a green eyed beauty which would be awesome.

We all are always in such awe with how adorably cute she is and amazed at anything she does 🥰

Now that she’s two months I am now back at work and have been for a couple of weeks. I am still struggling being away from her and can’t help but wish I could stay home with her all the time. Queue #MomGuilt   

When Alina was a baby I worked part time so going back to work was hard but I was also able to stay home with her a lot more than what I’m able to with Iyla.


has been her hang out spot while we are both at work and I’m thinking she is probably the easiest baby they have in that baby room. When I drop her off she’s always all smiles with no fuss. When I pick her up she’s either sleeping or just chillin out waiting for one of us to go get her.

I also notice on her little daily report card that she takes a lot of naps so I’d say she’s easy peasey 😆


has gotten a bit better compared to Month 1. She now wakes up only once in the middle of the night which is definitely an improvement. I am also guaranteed to be awake by 5 or 6 AM which has been helpful now that I have to get up for work haha.

Mama’s Sleep…

is still inexistent unfortunately haha. Now that I have to wake up in the AM and stay awake to get ready, I have felt the sleep deprivation more than before. But she is just soo cute I can’t even be upset with her for waking me up every night.


is still happening. I am actually extremely proud of myself for lasting this long. I was only a breastfeeder for less than a month with Alina so I am seriously so proud we are still going. I am pumping while I am at work which is definitely challenging. Shoutout to all the working-pumping mamas and the exclusive pumpers - it’s tough work! Let  me know if you guys are interested in a blog post about my breastfeeding journey or anything regarding my pumping at work tips/experiences.

Lip Tie…

is also still there. I was all gung-ho to take her in to see the pediatric dentist to laser it away and unfortunately my ridiculously expensive dental insurance does not cover frenectomy’s which would result in me having to pay out of pocket. So how expensive could it possibly be to laser away a tiny piece of tissue might you ask?…$500!!! I about fainted while on the phone! At the end of the day, I ended up opting out of the procedure only because I have been able to get her to latch fine and feed from the breast AND she is gaining weight beautifully so it’s not like she is getting deprived food if we do not complete the procedure. The tie affects me mostly because it can be painful to continually feed her on the breast so we do bottle feed her breastmilk as well which is great for her to be used to taking the bottle being in daycare and all so we are running smoothly all around with feeding.


of this little girl is out of control. She is so strong and has been since she was a newborn in the hospital. She shocks us all because she has been able to lift and hold her head for a while and just keeps getting better and better. I also have to keep an eye on her because she naturally likes to lay on her sides and so she just naturally rolls onto the right or left side. Rolling is gonna be coming for us here in the near future sooner than we know it. 

Bath Time…

has slightly been a struggle. She is not too big of a fan of the bath mainly because she can’t figure out why she has to sit in a small body of water haha. I try to make the process quick and fast because she is either flipping out about being in there or just so stiff with eyes wide open haha. Eventually she will loosen up, but as of right now it’s a work in progress.

Last but definitely not least…

My little sugar has started to smile which is the BEST thing ever! There is just something heart warming and beautiful about having your baby staring at you and smiling. Seriously the CUTEST little smile I can’t even contain myself when I see it.

I have been trying to enjoy every single moment while she is an infant because I know how fast they grow and develop. I also know that this is more than likely going to be my last child that I will have so I want to make sure I enjoy and soak in all these moments. That is the exact reason why I am so upset that I cannot spend every single second of everyday with her so I don’t miss anything.

Our Current Fave Products

Baby Swing is still our lifesaving top product. She loves to stare at the mobile and just “talk” and smile.

Boppy Pillow is so great to have when I need free hands and can lay her it while she feeds.

Arlo Home Camera has been our new little gadget that we’ve been using as a baby monitor when she is in her crib (still working on transitioning her to sleep there). But it’s such a good camera that we can use later as a home security camera.

Xo Renee

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