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Newborn Must Haves

Newborn Must Haves

Hey everyone!

We have officially had Miss Iyla for a little over a month and she is now exiting the newborn stage and into the infant realm.

She has been quite a bit different than Alina when she was a baby but also has a lot of similarities as well.

I’ve compiled a list of all the must haves that have been total life savers for us and can possibly work for you and your baby!

Zipper Pajamas


These are ESSENTIAL to every mom! Using jammies with zippers is just so much easier when you have a squirmy (possibly screaming their face off) newborn! Fussing with snaps is a pain so just skip all that and buy them with zippers. I specifically am loving the Cloud Island baby line at Target (shocker I know 🤷🏻‍♀️). My main reasoning for this is the zipper is backwards meaning it zips down rather than up which is super convenient to just unzip baby’s bottom half.

Burp Cloths


Iyla is CONSTANTLY spitting up! I go through idk how many burp cloths a day because she is like a little volcano after her feedings or when she wakes up.

Wubbanub Pacifier


I love these pacifiers! I even love to give them as gifts to expecting moms because Lina had a little lamb that she absolutely loved and now Iyla has her little pink kitty! I don’t like to fuss with the O.G pacifiers with the little loop because I lose them almost immediately. A perk of the wubbanubs is it has the little stuffed animals attached that they’re able to cuddle and grab as they get older.

Co-sleeper Bassinet


When we first brought Iyla home from the hospital this was a fabulous way to have her sleep in the bed with us safely. When Alina was a newborn I kept her in the bed with us which is always frowned upon but it’s what worked for us! This was a gift to me for my baby shower and we definitely used it.

Blooming Bath


So these beautiful bath flowers came out when Alina was a baby and I HAD to have one because I was a first time mom and it was the booming product haha. Well I never used it with Alina but have been using it for Iyla in her bathtub as a cushion. Her little bathtub has a hammock to put her in but she wiggles too much and constantly needing to be pulled back up, so putting the flower in the tub as a soft cushion is helpful.

Baby Swing


Our babies have both loved swings. I am so happy I kept the swing from when Alina was a baby because it works like a champ! I would also like to note that it’s absolutely adorable when they look at the mobile or the mirror and smile at themselves. Warms my heart so much 😻

Pack & Play


Having the pack and play set up in the living room is super helpful to lay her down in to nap or even to change her diaper. Prior to using the pack and play I would just change her diaper on the couch and I have forever learned my lesson because Iyla projectile pooped on me and the couch when she was a couple weeks old 🤢

I’m all for convenience and making things easier for myself so I hope this list of essentials helps any expectant mama’s. Whether you’re expecting or know someone, be sure to share and let me know what other essentials worked for you! We all have to be apart of that mama tribe and supporting each other so let me know 😽

xo Renee 😘

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