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Rose Gold Mask

Rose Gold Mask

Hey babes! So during a recent Target visit, I noticed a couple of face masks and of course had to try them. You guys already know I am completely honest in my reviews and that is definitely how this review will be as well. I got the two options they had which was a basic Gold and Rose Gold.

On the packaging it says it's a foil sheet mask and contains Witch Hazel water which was one of the selling points for me. I decided to go for it and try the Rose Gold mask first. I LOVE Rose Gold and was too excited to see how true to color it is.

When purchasing these masks my expectations were high and ready to paste a full foil mask on my face. So first thing I noticed when I took the mask out of the packaging is..."BOO not a full foil mask". Only the front is foil, the area that you place on your face is a normal mesh material like all other sheet masks. WA WA WA....was a bit disappointed with that. The foil part of it really wasn't rose gold colored either, it seemed like a normal gold foil.

I have tried many different sheet masks and they are all pretty liquidy due to the product sitting loosely on the mask.I noticed with this mask in particular it is SUPER LIQUIDY! Not a huge deal...just a little messy to deal with. After I got the mask out I literally poured out liquid from the package like water into the sink.

Once I got through the mess of removing the mask from the package, it was time to fit it to my face. Now I don't know if my cheeks are too fat or the mask was tiny, but I had the HARDEST time fitting it to my face haha! Most sheet masks are pretty easy to paste on your face and cover the entire thing. Not this one! Part of my cheeks weren't able to be covered, the eye holes were not large enough or flexible enough to fit correctly and the entire mask was a pain to keep pasted to my face.

While I was going through the struggle of fitting it to my face, Daniel was watching (mainly laughing) the whole time. He roasted me saying I looked like a serial killer or C-3PO from Star Wars LOL! I was laughing too hard at the same time which just made the fitting situation so much worse. Even though the situation was hilarious, it was also terrifying at the same time haha! We were worried Alina would get out of bed and see me looking like a monster in the room. Nightmares for days!!

Also I would like to say - excuse my crazy hair and horrible photo because this was the most difficult mask to matter what I did it was not flattering.

The directions recommended to leave on for 15-20 minutes, but I think I kept it on for like maybe 10 if that. The fitting of it was very uncomfortable so I took it off early and decided to try out the feeling of the product on my face.

Foil Mask.JPG

It felt like my experience with this mask was similar to my Rose mask that I reviewed here. There was a sticky residue left behind which I was not a fan of and had to wash my face after.

I'm definitely sad that this mask did not live up to my expectations, but I am glad I tried it because I was able to get some healthy laughs out of it and that makes it okay. I have learned through all my different product trials that there are many products that are not for everyone and that's okay. I will be continuing my search for new products and try them out for you guys.

I appreciate you guys stopping by and be sure to share the blog with your friends and loved ones! If I can help just one of you or make you laugh, I feel like I have succeeded. Until next time!

xoxo Renee Michelle

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