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Friday Loves

Friday Loves

Happy Friday you guys!! Oh my sweet goodness, I am always so happy for Fridays! I'm experimenting and wanted to create a Friday Loves which is exactly what it sounds like...things I'm loving and I'm posting it on Fridays. I am going to try my absolute hardest to stay consistent with this plan. I will forewarn you guys I just started my summer classes so the next five weeks are going to be INTENSE for me. I'm a busy momma and I love to keep up with my blog so I think I can do it. So to get this started:

My Newly Planted Rose Bush

Now that spring/summer is here, we have been all about designing the layout of our backyard and planting. When we purchased our home, the main seller was the backyard being a complete clean slate ready for whatever we decide. So during one of my previous visits home, my mom and I took a trip to the local nursery and my mama got me a rose bush as my Mother's Day gift. Rather than making a typically Renee choice of pink, I chose a bright orange flower. LOVE how it looks when it's blooming!


The Skinny Confidential

Over the last few months, I have been dabbling into podcasts. I have made it part of my morning routine to listen to a podcast while I get ready. I have been absolutely LOVING and LIVING for The Skinny Confidential - Him & Her Show. Lauryn and Michael interview inspiring, motivating and interesting guests on their show and they are super hilarious to listen to. Being able to listen to some positivity in the morning really helps to jump start my day. I definitely recommend you taking a listen, you will not be disappointed. Also wanted to throw out there not only is there the podcast, but Lauryn also has the most beautiful blog, The Skinny Confidential, if you want to read and explore her blog. LOVE!


Jackie Shimmel - The Bitch Bible Podcast

On the same subject of podcasts, The Bitch Bible is HILARIOUS!!! I know I recently tagged this podcast on my IG story and I figured I would feature it on here as well. Usually when I go on my breaks at work, I will get this podcast going to get a little laugh in before I go back in to my bat cave hah! (I have NO windows in my office...wahhh) Highly recommend this podcast if you want to laugh you ass off. And be aware there is profanity so listen to it without the kiddos.


My Baby Oil Diffuser

So I know in my Mother's Day Gift Guide post I listed an oil diffuser as a potential gift. I did follow my gift guide and got my mom one as well as myself and we both LOVE them. I got her a much larger one than my little baby. My thoughts were to use it at work and let me tell is fabulous! I use a calmness blend to keep myself and my patients calm throughout the day and it is great. I am actually planning on finding a bigger one for our house. My little baby one is from Target and it was only $20 BUT I was at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and saw they have the same exact one on sale for $10!! If you want one, go snatch one up ASAP!

Oil Diffuser.JPG

So that is all my Friday Loves and I am feeling quite excited to try and keep up with this new goal I have set for myself. Also wanted to remind you guys to let me know if there are any products that you are wanting me to try out and review etc. Love you guys!

xoxo Renee Michelle


Friday Loves

Friday Loves

Mega Amazon Skincare Haul

Mega Amazon Skincare Haul