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My New Holy Grail Acne Product + New Finds

My New Holy Grail Acne Product + New Finds

Hi Lovelies! HAPPY MAY! My absolute favorite month ever is finally here and I cannot be more excited about it! I'm definitely one of those obnoxious people that love their birthday and celebrate it the whole entire month.

So like I have been teasing for the last week, there is this fabulous product that I have had the pleasure of testing out thanks to my Aunt Rose and cousin Danielle who told me about these little miracles! This product is so amazing, I need to order more because I'm about to run out!

We all struggle with stubborn pimples that WILL NOT go away and linger on our faces for what seems like weeks! I know a lot of you will agree with me, when we get those yucky mountains anywhere on our face we are in full desperation mode to find something to get rid of it ASAP! When I get a pimple, I want it gone like yesterday!! But, look no further people....I have found the solution!!

Amazon sells what's called COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches. These are a Korean beauty product that rid breakouts! There are 24 patches that come in a pouch and are a variation of 3 different sizes. If you got a mountain on your face, a baby blemish or an inbetweener, there is a patch for it! These little patches are thin and clear that look like little dots. They contain hydrocolloid that extract the impurities in the skin and rid your face of that awful blemish. Now do be aware that if you have a mountain, it may take a couple of days worth of patches but eventually it will be gone faster than letting it run its own course.

So how do you use them? I personally will use them overnight so they can suck out everything they possibly can. I wash my face before bed and before placing any other skin products on my face, I will place a patch on whichever blemish is the current annoyance and leave it on overnight. When I wake up, I peel the patch off and my pimple will either be gone, flattened or a small hill. I will continue to cover the pimple with a patch every night until it is gone and I don't have to worry about it anymore.

I have also noticed that sometimes if you use a lancet, pin, or needle to remove the whitehead prior to placing the patch, it allows an access point for the patch to suck out the impurities from the pimple. Now I am not telling you to go to town squeezing everything possible out of the pimple, but use an extractor if you have one to gently remove the pus/whitehead and then patch it up.

On the topic of an extractor, I was able to find my adorable pink one at Tuesday Mornings while visiting with my mom in Taos one weekend. Lucky for me it was the last one on the shelf so I'd say it was a win! You can find an extractor at a beauty store like Sally's or here is one on Amazon that you can scoop up while getting your pimple patches. Using an extractor makes it so much easier to get rid of blackheads. Before I got my extractor I would use a bobby pin which is definitely too rough for the skin.

During one of my quick trips to the store, I noticed that Neutrogena came out with some Makeup Wipes that are SCENTLESS. I hate the smell of the original ones, so having the scentless is fabulous for when I need to stop at a store that does not have Bliss Beauty wipes.

I also found a new beauty sponge by Maybelline called the Facestudio Blender that I low key am loving a bit more than my Sonia Kashuk. I can't believe it because I was loving my SK sponge. The main reason I am loving this sponge a little more is because the size is a bit closer to the OG Beauty Blender and the different shapes around the sponge.

Have you guys tried any of these products? If you guys buy the pimple patches, you definitely have to let me know how you like them! I'll talk to you guys soon!

xoxo Renee

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