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To The Mama That’s Being Pulled In All Directions…

To The Mama That’s Being Pulled In All Directions…

Your days are busy, the needs from everyone else are piling up, you can maybe get 10 minutes to yourself (if that),.

Trying to balance everything that comes your way is exhausting.

Keeping the house clean and running smoothly, laundry, cooking, dishes, keeping the little humans alive along with all their needs, giving your significant other love/affection/attention, doing the shopping, and the list can go on for miles….

All of these expectations are piled up and we somehow complete them but for a very expensive price - we put ourselves last along with our needs all to meet the needs of our family.

Some days are downright struggles and we can barely keep our shit together or complete the most basic tasks.

That feeling of constantly being the flag in the middle of a tug of war that’s being yanked more than two directions.

I’m here to tell you…

I understand what you’re going through and how you’re feeling - we all do and are here for you!

I’m guilty of having to go hide in the bathroom to let out a quick 1 minute sob/ugly cry because you’re overwhelmed and that’s the max amount of time you’ve got before tiny fingers are knocking or wiggling under the door.

I too think about all the things I want or need for myself but quickly vanish them from my mind so I can spend the money on the kid(s) because their needs stump yours.

I know how the struggle feels to try and muster up the energy to play with your kids, cook or even get ready for the day when you’re just so tired.

I know how it feels to not feel like yourself at times but have to keep it chugging along no matter how bad you feel.

I know the feeling of insecurity all too well when it comes to revealing my mom bod to my partner even though I know he doesn’t see it the way I do.

The overwhelming exhaustion from staying up all night with your kiddo that’s not feeling well and you spend the whole night staring at them with worry.

I know how it feels to feel Ike you’re failing daily and a terrible mom.

I know how it feels to just throw in the towel in the middle of trying to stand your ground against a massive tantrum just to make it be over.

I know the feeling of comparison to other moms thinking they have it all figured out.

As a mom we go through so much every single day and we don’t give ourselves enough credit or slack.

If there is one thing you need to know, it’s that you are absolutely amazing and I know you are struggling but things will get better.

Uplifting and supporting each other is a must rather than judging and bringing each other down.

Before you start pointing the perfect parent finger at any mom be sure to think about all the other crap that mom is juggling and going through.

Xo RM 💕

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