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My Hospital Bag - What I Used & Wished I Packed

My Hospital Bag - What I Used & Wished I Packed

Babygirl is officially a month old and let me tell you guys - it has been a rollercoaster trying to get this whole newborn thing down. Everyday we are getting more comfortable, but it is definitely a challenge I’m not even gonna lie.

When Iyla was born, we were admitted for 2 nights and 3 days in the hospital which is a lot shorter than I was expecting. Going in I was expecting to be staying there for 3-4 days due to having a C-section but I was pleasantly surprised to be released early.

During our stay Daniel was somewhat back and forth stopping at our house to shower and get ready during the day and stayed with me the rest of the time. At times I needed him to bring me some things so I figured I would go through what I packed and let you guys know what I used and wish I would have packed.

Nursing Nightgown - The first day and night I stayed in the hospital gowns because I was constantly having to have my incision and bleeding checked so I figured staying in their gowns was easier than ruining my own. After I was able to shower I did change into my nightgown which came in handy.

Nursing Bras - I did use these so I’m glad I packed them.

Nursing Tanks - I ended up not taking any nursing tanks knowing I was going to be in gowns.

Robe - I used my robe a couple of times but my temperature was so all over the place during my admission that I think I would recommend packing a non-fuzzy one. Possibly more of a hotel cloth robe or just a thinner material. I would get cold to the point that I would be trembling and put on my robe and then ten minutes later be sweating like a psycho needing to pull it off immediately. After a while I used it as a blanket draped over me 😂

Nursing pads and cream - I did use my nursing pads but not so much the nipple cream until I got home. Iyla was having difficulty latching so I was having to use a nipple shield in order to feed her. With that being said I didn’t experience sore nipples until I was already home trying to latch her.

Slippers & Non-slip socks - I packed both slippers and non-slip socks and only used the non-slip socks. I packed a couple pairs which I was glad I did do because I changed them each day or at times got blood on them - TMI but just being transparent 🤷🏻‍♀️! If you do pack slippers I would recommend packing shoe like slippers - I packed my sock like slippers and wasn’t able to put them on unless someone helped me because it was too painful to bend over with my incision.

Flip Flops - I definitely used my flip flops in the shower. Hospital floors are gross - especially the showers so you already know I used them! Highly recommend packing some!

Going Home Outfit - I packed a couple different leggings/sweats and I found wearing my looser PJ pants were more comfortable to wear home. I found the BEST PJ pants at target that are high rise and super soft and comfy. You can find them here, I bought them in gray and black. And then I just wore a loose V-neck tee with them.

Toiletries - What's hilarious is I packed some basic makeup to wear during my stay and didn’t even bother putting any on! All I put on my face was moisturizer and chapstick - nothing else. I just felt no energy or need to wear any makeup but you do you boo and pack it if you feel up to glamming. I of course used my norm toiletries such as body wash, dry shampoo, etc.

Towel - I definitely used my own towel and so glad I packed it.

Baby Jammies - I started dressing Iyla in jammies her second day only because the first day they were constantly coming in to check her out. The entire first day and night I kept her in a side wrap t-shirt and diaper that way she was easily accessible to dress and undress during her weigh-ins.

Going Home Outfit - I didn't pack her a crazy specific going home outfit. She just wore some comfy jammies - nothing too crazy. Some people go all out and have a special outfit with the baby decked out, but I’m all about keeping them comfy and figured jammies were her best bet.

Mittens, Hat & Socks - I packed her little mittens but didn’t even have to use them. But I would still recommend taking them just in case they come out a scratcher. As for hats, we used the hospital provided hat initially and then put our hat that we packed for her on to switch it up. And we used little socks the first day and night when she was in her wrap onsie and pamper.

Diapers, Wipes & A&D Ointment - The hospital provided us with diapers and wipes so there was no need for me to pack any but I only packed a couple anyway. I did take A&D ointment for her little rump because newborns are pooping that nasty black poop EVERY DIAPER and definitely used it so she wouldn't get irritated. They didn't provide us with any in the hospital but I’m sure if I asked they may have given us some little packets. Nonetheless, I recommend packing some.

Swaddle Blanket - We used both the hospital provided swaddles as well as our own. I liked using our swaddle blankets because I felt like they were softer than the scratchy hospital ones.

Thicker Fuzzy Baby Blanket - Definitely used a fuzzy blanket to cover her with in the bassinet. They always say don’t use any additional blankets than their swaddles but I do what I want and you can’t tell me they stay super warm and cozy with just a swaddle. Def came in handy since the hospitals gets so cold.

Boppy Pillow - I took my boppy with hopes that I would be able to use it while breastfeeding but being that she was such a difficult latch, I didn’t even use it. Daniel used it as a pillow for himself though so I guess it wasn't a total waste taking it haha.

Phone charger & Snacks - I didn’t even charge my phone the entire time I was in the hospital haha thank you Apple XR for having an amazing battery life 😂 Hospital food is terrible and I def ate all my snacks while I was there.

What I Wish I Packed

Blanket for Myself/Dad - I had Daniel bring a blanket from home for me and him to share back and forth because the hospital blankets are like paper thin.

Baby Washcloth - Feeding baby colostrum gets their little faces full of milk mustaches. I had Daniel bring me a baby washcloth to clean Iyla’s face so she didn’t look all crazy and sloppy haha

I think I covered everything! There were only a couple things here and there that I did and did not use or need to have brought to me. For the most part I liked everything that I packed and it worked well for me.

Let me know if you guys have any baby post requests!

Xoxo Renee Michelle 💋

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