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Iyla Noelle’s Birth Story

Iyla Noelle’s Birth Story

When they say every pregnancy and birth is different, it is so true. Both my pregnancies and deliveries were complete polar opposites and unique in their own way.

If you have been following along our journey, you know that Miss Iyla Noelle was head down in position at one point and then decided to flip into a breech position within the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

Ever since we found out she was breech, I was doing all the things at home and work to try and get her to turn back into a head down position.

I was given the option to have an ECV to turn her and opted not to do it for her safety as well as mine. Having to feel the pain of the ECV and risk something emergent happening during the process didn’t seem worth it to me. My OB was super honest about the success rate which gave me even more justification as to why I was not willing to go with that option.

So instead I went on with a prayer daily that she flipped on her own. I honestly obsessed about her turning to the point that I was so frustrated and tired of trying to play God and get her to turn.

So long story short, I was scheduled a C-section to take her out safely. The entire time leading up to my surgery date, I kept a glimmer of hope I could deliver her naturally and not have to worry about undergoing surgery.

Having a scheduled delivery felt really weird…in my opinion it took away all the surprise and unknown that I was preparing and looking forward to. On our way to the hospital we laughed pretending my water broke and speeding down the freeway to make it to the hospital since we weren’t going to experience any of the unknown surprise - we could at least pretend right 🤷🏻‍♀️

Daniel and I were scheduled to check in at Labor and Delivery Triage at 8:30 AM to get the process started. During our time in triage I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and given an IV to start running some fluids.

Oh - I also have to mention that I did not catch any sickness the entire pregnancy until 2 days before my C-Section!! 😵 while in triage I was running a fever, my throat hurt and I just felt horrible. Of course this was not going to slow down the process any, it just meant my recovery was going to suck!

While we were waiting for our time to go back, my OB came in to check baby’s position via ultrasound - the true test as to whether my hopes and dreams would come true.

Unfortunately, she was still breech so C-section was still going to happen 😫

We were schedule to have the procedure done at 10:30 AM but right before it was our turn to get taken back, I was told another mother had to undergo an emergency C-Section and I was “bumped” to go in after that.

Finally around noon it was time! They took me back into the OR first so I could get my anesthesia and prepped. With Alina I had an epidural so this was pretty much the same process without a line staying in my back, they administered the anesthesia like a shot.

After my anesthesia was distributed they put up the drape and let Daniel come in to sit at my head. I was so nervous I wouldn’t be numbed up enough but my OB was sure to double-triple check that I couldn’t feel anything. Apparently she was pinching my leg really hard and I didn’t feel a thing - I did end up with a rather large bruise though 😂

Once I was all numbed up - they got started! The entire process was actually very quick. The anesthesiologist was very good about keeping me in the loop with what was happening. I could feel the tugging and pushing but that was about it.

When they were pulling Iyla out, they found that she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck which is what was preventing her from turning into a head down position. My OB was so happy I listened to my instincts and opted not to have the ECV to turn her because it would have not been good!

At 1:09 PM my little sugar was born and when I heard her little cry, my eyes welled up with tears and I felt a huge sense of relief that she was delivered safely.

Iyla Noelle was 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long ♥️

It wasn’t the birth experience I was hoping for, but it was her own way of coming into the world uniquely different from her sisters.

Xo ReneeMichelle

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