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Thoughts As My Second Pregnancy Nears Its End

Thoughts As My Second Pregnancy Nears Its End

Well guys, my journey is almost officially over! I have had quite the journey this second go around. I realized just about a week ago that it is so true what they say…

Every pregnancy is different.

My pregnancy with Alina I realize now was easy and problem free. I better not have been complaining that entire time! It’s no wonder I felt like the second time around couldn’t hurt! 🙄

Aside from the aches and pains that I did not deal with the first time and boy have they given me a run for my money!

I started this pregnancy with the placental lakes which required me getting ultrasounds every month which is completely different from the 2 I was allowed with Alina.

Each month was always having a small worry that the lakes would be preventing her growth or growing in size themselves.

When I neared the end with Alina, she gave no problems and was turned ready for exit weeks prior to delivery.

This little girl on the other hand was in position one week and by the next decided she didn’t want to be head down anymore, but she rather be breech.

Being that I am only a few weeks away from my due date, it has turned into me tentatively scheduling a C-Section just in case she decides to stay breech over the next couple weeks.

Since we received this news, I have been a massive worry wart praying and hoping she turns the correct direction to prevent me from having to undergo an involuntary C-Section.

As the days pass I get slightly more and more anxious thinking of all the different scenarios of when I will go into labor.

The first go around I didn’t have to worry about any other little humans and what I plan to do with them when labor approached.

This time I have to plan what to do with Alina in all possible scenarios. The middle of the night scenario worries me most 🙈

I’ve also been thinking of how Alina is going to react and behave when her sister is finally here. She’s so excited for her arrival and I know she is going to be a fabulous big sister, but what growing pains await us all.

Her whole world is about to change. She’s been the only princess for 5 years and she’s now going to have to learn how to share our attention with another little human that is going to need tons of attention for a while.

Daniel and I laugh because we worry about remembering how to take care of an infant being that it’s been so long since we’ve been around one.

We figure if Alina survived fine and other unfit people can raise kids - then we have nothing to worry about 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s actually comical that many of these worries have sprung up as I near the end and my D-DATE approaches.

There is so much unknown when it comes to bringing another life into this world, but we are leaving it all up to God and we shall get through.

Im thankful for experiencing another pregnancy but I am more than ready to have her on the outside than my insides.

I will also be uploading my third trimester bumpdate here soon as I get slightly closer if not when I finally pop 😉

xo RM

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