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Valentines Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Her

Hey friends! Happy February! I love this month because of all the cutesy little pink and red items you can purchase for Valentines Day. I’m not gonna lie, this is when I buy the most coffee cups because they’re all so cute and girly. Give me all the pink and hearts vibes 💕

Although we should all treat everyday like Valentines Day, it’s really fun knowing that we have a day designated for love and you don’t have to be in a relationship to participate. You can have a Galentines Day and get gifts for friends or whoever. So don’t be all salty about not having a designated valentine.

I put a little gift guide together to give some ideas and get the creativity flowing in your mind so you can find the perfect gift for a friend, girlfriend, wife, your mom or even get the gift for yourself 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why not?!

  1. Rose Gold Heart Necklace is such a dainty little piece of jewelry that I could definitely see myself wearing everyday. I love dainty, basic necklaces. I think the gaudy, overly blinged, chunky necklaces are not in season and dainty is all in.

  2. Baby Pink Fleece Throw is all me! I love blankets and I never have too many. It’s still pretty cold out and having a warm fuzzy throw is perfect for when you’re relaxing reading a book or watching tv. I use blankets year round so when I get one as a gift I am always pleased.

  3. Yankee Candle Essential Oil Diffuser is so pretty! In person it looks even better! If you have a yankee candle store near you, you need to go in and check it out. I love diffusing oils and always recommend getting one as a gift.

  4. Kate Spade Baby Pink Tote is a bit on the pricey side but I love love love Kate Spade bags ♠️ Definitely can’t go wrong with a nice handbag as a gift.

  5. Rose Quartz Face Roller is the perfect gift for the beauty lover. Rollers are great for massaging skincare products into the skin and keeping inflammation down as well. If you know a beauty lover, getting a face roller and some skincare products are the perfect gift.

  6. Plush Robe is great for the homebody. I feel like everyone needs a soft fuzzy robe in their possession. I’m a sucker for soft things so it’s obv a no brainer 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Pearls of Love Necklace is another cute and dainty necklace that comes with a meaning. When I saw this I thought it was adorable as a little gift for someone you love and are not good with expressing through your own words your love and appreciation. The little card says, “with time, patience and a little help from Mother Nature, a pearl grows into an object of beauty and simplicity. Pearls represent the best in us…something beautiful that comes from within. Wear your necklace as a reminder that you are incredibly loved.” ♥️ Seriously gives me all the feels and is a PERFECT gift!!

Well friends those are all my ideas for gifts for her. Good luck shopping around for gifts for all your specials loves in your life. And of course be sure to treat everyday with love and appreciation for those around us. Be grateful and spread the love. ❤️

xoxo Renee Michelle

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