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Third Trimester Bumpdate

Third Trimester Bumpdate

🤗 You guys, I am officially so close to my due date and I could not be any more anxious to meet this little girl. I am at the point of being quite uncomfortable and DONE with my pregnancy to be completely honest.

I laugh because we always know what we are getting ourselves into when we get pregnant but I like to just think about the end result and bypass the thought of what comes with growing a baby 🤦🏻‍♀️

Being able to carry a baby is such a blessing but let’s be honest and real…we all experience a point in pregnancy when we are just sick of being pregnant. We experience feelings of just wanting to be normal again and end the process already. I hate that so many moms tend to get shamed for complaining during pregnancy.

Believe me, I am totally aware of how incredibly lucky/blessed I am to be able to have a natural pregnancy being that there are so many women who cannot conceive. BUT - let’s not shame us for feeling uncomfortable in our pregnant skin or feeling the challenges that have come our way with the pregnancy.

We are all human and we carry a lot of insecurity at some point whether your pregnant or not. Let’s lift each other up and support one another instead of shading and downing each other.

OKAY 🤐….let’s get into this bumpdate 🤪

Size of Baby: We had our LAST ultrasound of our little stinker and she was weighing in at the 70th percentile so she is well above average! I seriously CANNOT WAIT to see how chubby she is!! Lina was super chubby so I’m hoping this one is going to be the same 🥰

Energy: My energy levels are starting to dwindle down. Anything and everything has been taking a lot of my energy and wiping me out. I’m still waiting for that near the end energy spurt 🤷🏻‍♀️ I will say I am very proud of myself because I plan on working until she decides to come so I have been able to make it to work daily and survive the day (barely). Mornings are when my energy is the highest and slowly it just drops throughout the day to empty haha.

Mood: I’ve noticed my mood has shifted some days to a bit more salty per se. I get bothered fairly quickly and am in a no none sense state of mind. I have been working very hard at ensuring I try to actively keep my mood up though because I hate being grouchy…it’s just not me!

Sleep: Can’t complain too much about sleep. I laugh because I look and feel like Free Willy 🐳 flopping back and forth throughout the night, but for the most part I get good sleep nightly. Her movements in the middle of the night don’t wake me or bother me so I will consider myself blessed with good sleep. As long as I have my puppy dog pillow that I wedge in between my knees…I’m good 👌🏻

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still craving everything and anything sweet! I choose dessert 99% of the time over a meal. I can’t help it! 🥞🍪🍩🍫

Baby Movements: So kicks are long gone, she’s more of a shifter. I tend to feel her nudging and shifting with her limbs as she adjusts and tries to get comfy in that tiny space. Athough I feel like I’m at max stretch capacity, this kid surprises me and flips her entire body into a breech position 🙄

Stretch Marks: I unfortunately have started to develop some new stretch marks near my belly button that are a purple tone. I will blame myself for not lathering up on the belly creams religiously. I like to use Vitamin E oil and have been trying to put it on nightly but I do forget sometimes. 🙈 But pregnancy is tough and if I have stretch marks, then oh well. I’m not crying about my markings - we need to embrace ourselves and “flaws” as much as possible.

Other Symptoms: I do tend to get a lot of hip and pelvic pain but all due to the weight of her which is expected. Some days I’m like a Rollie Pollie and struggle to get out of the bed because of the size my belly. I legit was going to ask Daniel to push me out of the bed one day 😆

I’m at the stage where nothing fits (shirt wise) and I’m so close to finishing I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes! I just work with what I got and move on with my day. No need to splurge and buy a ton of maternity clothes when you’ll be wearing them for a temporary amount of time.

We are a couple weeks out and I cannot be any more anxious to get this girl out into the world and start our journey as a family of 4!

I will keep you guys updated on my breech baby situation also!

AND…I would also like to say thank you so much for following us on this journey and being such amazing supporters of the blog!


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