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Second Trimester Bumpdate

Second Trimester Bumpdate

I just finished out my second trimester and man did it fly by! I wanted to make sure to keep up with my trimester bumpdates for you all in case you were curious to how it’s been going. This trimester overall was good to me, couple of hiccups but nothing too bad.

There have been so many little things that I forgot about from my pregnancy with Alina and the memories rushed back once I started experiencing them with this little sugar.

Size of Baby: Babygirl is sizing in now around 1.5-2.5 pounds. She is growing very well which is good! If you all remember from my 20 week bumpdate, they’re making sure to do growth scans monthly to track her growth due to the placental lakes. Luckily she is growing - Thank God! She is measuring a few days sooner than my due date they gave me when I confirmed my pregnancy but doesn’t mean much since she will come out when she is good and ready hah. I have another ultrasound coming up the first week of January so we should find out more about her growth during that visit.

Energy: I’m not as tired as I was during the first trimester which has been fabulous. I felt more normal this trimester being able to not be as tired as I was the first three months. Towards the end though I have been noticing that the tiredness is kicking back up again. I blame it on her growing 😁

Mood: I feel like my mood has chilled out a bit compared to my first trimester, but if you ask Daniel how my mood is, he would tell you that I’m still pretty grouchy 🤔 I definitely can go 0 to 100 real quick, but I’m trying not to be as bad as I was during the first trimester. #progress

Sleep: I was so happy for a while I was sleeping perfectly fine with the growing bump and just lately I’ve been riding the struggle bus! I feel like a whale flipping back and forth throughout the night. Mainly back and hip pain while I’m lying down has been the killer lately. I have been sleeping with a smal pillow in between my legs to help relieve the hip pain and it has done wonders!! When I started doing that, my sleep has improved soo much! Definitely recommend my pregnant mamas to try it out. And I would also like to say I didn’t buy some fancy pillow, Lina has a flat puppy dog pillow/stuffed animal and that’s what I’ve been using. Nothing fancy, just something that fits in between my legs and is flat but cushiony.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I am such a sweet tooth it’s not even funny! Literally just give me all the cookies and chocolate I can get! I had my glucose test done last week and was waiting to hear back any results, but nothing yet which is a good sign. I’ve been trying to limit my sweet intake though because I don’t want to make this poor little girl all sugared up to where she’s wiggly and jiggly from the sugar high. Haven’t really experienced any food aversions though so that’s also a good thing.

Baby Movements: I seriously have a night owl on my hands! She’s pretty active during the day at random times, but come evening and I got me a kicker. She loves for Daniel to talk to her and talks back by kicking like crazy. It’s super sweet. My OB has me tracking how much she’s kicking which I def don’t remember doing with Alina. She gave me strict instructions to make sure she is kicking at least 10 times within an hour. If not I need to be drinking a sugared cold beverage and count them from that point. If she’s not kicking even after that I need to call my OB and let her know. Kinda scary, not gonna lie but I’ve just been making sure to keep up with when she’s moving and counting her kicks when she’s active.

Stretch Marks: So I noticed that some of my old stretch marks around my belly button are appearing slightly. No purple or deep toned marks, just those light white ones that were already there from my pregnancy with Alina. I haven’t been religiously applying my belly butter but I do try to do it somewhat regularly than never at all. I just know some girls get real wild about applying products 2-3 times per day haha! If that’s you, no judgement, everyone is different. I just have a memory like Dory and forget!

Baby Name Ideas: Daniel is the lucky duck who gets to name our little sugar. I have given my suggestions and we have a few we are thinking of, but waiting until she gets here to decide on THE name! You guys are gonna have to just wait and see what we decide when she gets here. 😏

Other Symptoms: I have seriously been DYING from back pain! My OB recommended getting a belly support belt which I am currently ciphering through amazon reviews to find the best one for me. She said a belly belt can save your back which I am hoping so. Once I decide on one, I will let you guys know in case any of you are expecting and in the market to buy one.

I’ve been dealing with a bit of swelling now towards the end of the trimester. I’ve noticed my feet are a bit tighter in my shoes and my hands get slightly swollen as well. I’ve been making sure to put my feet up as much as possible.

I had the realization that I must have been a spring chicken the first pregnancy because this one is causing all sorts of aches and pains I don’t remember having the first time. For a while my belly button stretching was one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever! I have a super sensitive belly button and I remember this happening with Alina and this time the horrible feeling retuned.

Like I said, I am definitely not a spring chicken anymore haha! I have aged and my body is in that same boat 😂 I just want to give a shoutout to all the moms who carry babies in their 30s, I’m 28 and it’s still a struggle. Women are seriously amazing!! We are seriously superhero’s to grow and carry a human for months at a time.

Stay tuned for any other bumpdates I have coming up! We are so close to this little sugar making her grand entrance to the world and I am seriously so excited! Hello Third Trimester!!! 🤗

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