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Holiday Prep Weekend

Holiday Prep Weekend

December is here and the holidays are in full swing. We had a very holiday filled weekend and just wanted to give you guys a bit of a recap of how we started getting into the spirit.

SO…Alina and I decorated our tree when Daniel left to San Francisco for the week but I needed a couple finishing touches.

This year I actually picked up all new stuff for the tree. I was able to get Purple and Gold assorted texture ornaments for 50% off at Hobby Lobby last week. They were both large packs of like 50 ornaments of each color priced originally at $20 each so of course I got them half off at $20 for both packages.

We went to Michaels Saturday before we went to the airport for Daniel and it was seriously the BEST DAY to go and grab Christmas supplies. All Christmas supplies/décor were 70% off so it was definitely a steal. We picked up four 12 ft. strands of multicolored garland that were originally priced at $10 and I got them for $3 each totaling $12 for all four!! I have been needing/wanting a tree skirt for years but never wanted to spend the big bucks to get one so I found a white faux fur trimmed skirt priced originally at $40 and after the discount came out to be $12! You guys have no clue how stoked I was leaving this sale. I was looking for anything I needed to utilize the sale haha!!

To keep the Christmas spirit going, I picked up a Gingerbread House Kit at Target for $9. I was debating between getting the pre-made kit compared to the one that’s DIY! They were both the same price, but trying to put it together felt like the more fun option (or frustrating) haha! Overall, Lina absolutely loved decorating her house and I of course had a blast watching her imagination run wild. Definitely worth the purchase!!


Explaining how much longer until Christmas to a toddler can be frustrating and tricky, so I was on the hunt for a fun advent calendar to countdown the days for her. I struck out at Michaels, but was able to find a cheap $3 one in the dollar section at the front of Target. You can truly find some gems there. It’s simple and has little glittery felt numbers that attach to the snowman with Velcro. Next year I will more than likely try and find one that is of better quality but for this year I will say it will do its job.

Advent Calendar.JPG

Lastly, we took Alina to pick out her yearly ornament and get our family ornament. Each year Alina picks out an ornament at Hallmark or Target. This year we went to Hallmark to switch it up because she picked from Target last year. She was so indecisive at the time but ended up picking Elastigirl from The Incredibles 2. She was so excited about it and her picks each year are so random haha!

Elastigirl Ornament.JPG

As for our family ornament, every year we pick one at the little ornament kiosk in the mall. Being that I am obviously pregnant, I was able to find a little snowman family with a pregnant snow lady haha - so fitting!


Overall our weekend was definitely holiday filled and I am going to try and keep the spirit going for Alina until we get to Christmas day. She has been looking forward to the holidays for months and we are just getting the fun started. Have you guys started getting ready for the holidays? I would love to hear the different traditions you hold in your families!!

xoxo Renee Michelle

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