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Stocking Stuffers from Target

Stocking Stuffers from Target

Christmas is right around the corner and I can’t believe it. Of course I feel like every year I’m in disbelief at how quickly it gets here. I was rolling through Target the other day and couldn't help but notice all the little stocking stuffer areas throughout the store. Then I decided that I would create some ideas of stocking stuffers that you guys could get for any girlies in your life whether it be your best friend, you sister, a co-worker…anyone. Let’s get it started!!

Embellished Beanie

I think this beanie is sooo adorable! I love the little embellishments! It gives it a bit more of a girly look rather than a Plain Jane type of beanie. The little fur ball also is super soft and I am loving the grey color. I’m a sucker for anything grey though so I may be biased haha!

Fuzzy Socks

There is nothing more cozy in the winter than warm fuzzy socks! I love them…I want some more of them!! These ones are super girly with the little pink hearts. They also have a shimmer threading in them as well which sold me even more on them. I actually did buy these as a stuffer gift for my niece!

Invisi Bobble

These phone cord hair ties are all the rage these days. I do have a few others in my collection already but none of them are clear. I love how cute and compact the packaging is and I just love hair ties in general as a gift! Girls can never have enough hair ties - OR bobby pins! Both items disappear into a world where all the missing socks live as well haha!

Bliss Holographic Sheet Masks

You guys already know how much I love my Bliss Beauty products so these in a Target haul are no surprise! I have seen these masks all over IG and I was looking for them at the Target close to my house and I would never find them until NOW! I had to get them but I already know they are probably AMAZING! Along with the full face sheet masks, I also picked up an under-eye mask in which the packaging is small enough to be a perfect fit to stuff into a stocking.

Purr-fect Christmas Earrings

I love Christmas accessories and I loved that this set specifically doesn’t have to only be worn during the holidays. There are only a couple of holiday specific looking pairs, but the rest can be worn year round. I also was a sucker for the black velvet heart pair so those alone sold me on the whole entire pack haha! Just being honest over here lol.. but the other earrings in the set are really adorable so I will definitely see myself using them for sure.

Soap & Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash

This adorable little gem isn’t the full sized product, so this allows your loved one to try out the product to see if they like it prior to buying the full size. I am a sucker for any skincare product that contains Vitamin C. It is so good for your skin in regards to helping with brightening and lightening any scarring. Not only is this product a cleanser, but it is a detoxifier to rid the skin of any impurities. I think any skincare products are fabulous gifts to anyone.

Essential Oil Roller

I totally forgot to photograph this, but in the beauty section there were a bunch of little rollers with essential oil blends. I got the “Chill Pill” blend which helps to relax and calm you down. You just roll it on your wrists or wherever else the directions instruct and it smell heavenly. I've been getting really into essential oils lately and I am not opposed to introducing my loved ones to them as well.

Other Ideas

Being that I only picked up a few things, I noticed a ton of other cute ideas as well but didn’t purchase. Among these items were some cute and amazing smelling candles. Candles are always such a great gift idea because you know it will get used whether it be for décor or burning. I also saw some cute phone cases and other phone accessories if you know what type of phone your loved one has. And there were a bunch of coffee mugs! I have a thing for cups…I have the absolute hardest time refraining from buying coffee mugs and to-go cups! They had such adorable coffee mugs that could be fabulous gift ideas.

If you guys have time I seriously recommend going to Target and strolling around to check out their stocking stuffer kiosks throughout the store. I already love Target and having these little additions just makes me love them even more. They do no wrong in my book haha - which is why Daniel hates when I go there!! Talk to you all soon!

xoxo Renee Michelle

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