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Morning Routine To Start Your Day Off Right

Morning Routine To Start Your Day Off Right

Hey guys!

I am proud to announce that I am finished with school for the semester!! It was a rough one but we did it! I spent my entire weekend writing out my final paper (it was pure torture) but I am so glad it’s done and over with.

Focusing on family, the holidays and prepping for baby is all that is on my to-do list for the next month or so until I start it up again. I’m a little nervous for next semester because I will be having baby girl in the middle of the semester haha!! Say a prayer for me!!

On my Instagram, I recently shared my current morning routine that has been helping me get my day started off on the right foot. When I was planning out my blog posts I realized I probably should have created an in-depth blog post about it. SO…here it is!!!

Wake Up, Wake Up…

During the work week I wake up around 5 AM ish - give or take some time depending on the level of difficulty to get up haha! When I get up I make sure that I just turn off my alarm and that is the last I look at my phone for a little while. I don’t check my social media, bank account, messages, etc…NADA! I get up and immediately head into the kitchen to make my coffee. (On the weekend, I do sleep in a bit depending on the amount of sleep deprivation I’m dealing with LOL)

Coffee Time + Journaling

Once my coffee is done brewing and what not, I grab my journal and I do a little bit of “morning pages”. If you listen/read The Skinny Confidential you know what that is, if not I will explain…

So morning pages is a tool from the book, The Artist’s Way. It’s pretty much a way to take the chaos from your mind and scribble it down onto paper first thing in the morning. This is a helpful tool to help clear the chaos in your mind, spark your creativity and gather your thoughts before starting your day.

During my journaling time, I will write out things that are stressing me out, bothering me, keeping my mind racing, etc. I pretty much just let the thoughts flow out of my mind onto the paper. It’s a way to help prevent the thoughts in my mind from bogging me down during the day. I also like to write down how I want my day to go, goals I have (Big or Small) and some motivational phrases to put my mood in the right place. I only take about ten minutes or so to do this while sipping on some coffee.

Podcasting Motivation

Once my journaling is done, I will say a little prayer of thanks - CRUCIAL STEP in my day! Then I head in the bathroom to get ready. While I do my make up I like to listen to a podcast episode that will keep my motivation up. I have quite a few different podcasts that I have lined up to listen to throughout the week and just take my pick based on how I feel. If you guys are interested in what podcasts I like to tune into, let me know and I can create a blog post about my faves.

The Morning Rush

Once I finish getting ready is when the morning rush really begins lol. What I mean by that is I have to wake up my cave lady child and get her ready quickly before I leave to work. I have to be at work by 7:30 AM so Daniel gets to do the drop off. My sole responsibility is to get her ready. The main struggle is combing her mop because when I tell you she is a cave lady - I am not lying haha!! She has crazy hair in the morning that I have to TRY and tame! She is also in this phase where I am not allowed to do anything crazy to her hair - I am only allowed to create a ponytail! It’s frustrating but I appreciate the simplicity of it haha.

During my entire morning routine I DO NOT check any social media until I’ve been up for a few hours which is maybe once I get to work or something. I have noticed that not checking it first thing in the morning has helped me start the day better. I don’t feel as if my mind is racing with selfies and thoughts of nonsense. I also don’t get caught up scrolling through feeds while trying to get ready. When I would check my IG or FB while I was getting ready, I would get so caught up in scrolling that I would make myself run behind and that would really get me frazzled first thing in the morning.

I keep this routine every single day and thus far I have really been loving it. For the most part I have been able to keep my days starting out right and keep a good attitude for most of the day. Of course just like anyone, I do get into little scuffles of bad moods here and there which tampers with my good vibes I try to keep up. But if I just take a walk and listen to a podcast to center myself - I’m usually good.

I would love to hear what types of morning routines/rituals you guys do!! Let me know and I will chit chat next time!

xoxo Renee Michelle

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