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October Rewind

October Rewind

October came and went so quickly I’m in awe how close to Christmas we are! And believe me, I have Alina reminding me CONSTANTLY how close it is haha.

I figured I would take the time to do a little recap of all our October festivities.

We unfortunately didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch this year but we did carve pumpkins because that’s just tradition for us.

We usually opt into buying our pumpkins from a little store in our neighborhood that is local. Nothing like supporting local business’ and getting a good deal at that.

I was able to get two large pumpkins and two mini pumpkins for $8!

Alina choose to carve a Unicorn and Forky from Toy Story 4 but unfortunately Forky was too large for the pumpkin. So we made a game time decision to carve a traditional jack!


Funny thing, we also got ahead of ourselves and carved them too soon, so they were sad and wrinkly by the time it was Halloween haha…oops.

Usually Alina makes me do all the gutting and carving, but she was a ton of help this year and gutted them herself!


As for Iyla, she was just there for the show hah!

I initially wanted to have her paint a pumpkin with her hands but figured she would have been eating the paint rather than actually finger painting.


Fall Festival was another fun event I took Alina to at her school. It was a short event to go to all the different classrooms to play games, eat, and get the kiddos faces painted.

Alina wanted to dress as Ariel for the festival and she was so proud I let her put on some lipstick. Her dad was not happy btw. Overall, it was a fun time.


As for Halloween, we took the girlies to visit family in their costumes and made it back home in time to take Alina trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.

Alina was dressed up as the LOL Surprise Doll named Bon Bon and Iyla was a Cabbage Patch Doll.


So we got Alina’s costume at Target. Iyla just wore a little outfit of hers and I made her the wig as a DIY project. I’d say they are ADORABLE but I also may be a bit bias!

Once Fall hits, it’s a major cram session to get all the extracurricular activities completed before Halloween.

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween and now to get ready for the holidays…YAY!

Xo Renee Michelle

7 Months of Iyla Noelle

7 Months of Iyla Noelle