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20 Week Bumpdate + Surprise!

20 Week Bumpdate + Surprise!

Hi Guys! Excuse my fuzzy bumpdate photo, it was night time and the lighting was HORRIBLE!!

We are officially halfway through this pregnancy and let me tell you…it has FLOWN BY! When I was pregnant with Alina I felt like I was pregnant for a century, but this go around, I can’t believe I am at my 20 week mark. We went for our 20 week check up and ultrasound this week so we were super excited to see this little sugar and how it’s growth is going.

SIZE OF BABY: Baby is measuring right on target at 10 oz. which is amazing news. Our sonographer said she never has babies that are right on the target and this little sugar is right where they need to be with growth.

MOOD: This is actually a sore subject because we have noticed that I am a lot more grouchy and irritable this pregnancy. I was laughing with Daniel because he was saying he doesn’t remember me being this angry with Alina’s pregnancy LOL!! I do notice myself getting more irritable a bit quicker than normal though so I have been trying to keep a little bit of control on it. I don’t want the baby to come out angry haha!!

SLEEP: I have been sleeping fabulously so I am trying to soak it up until baby grows more and starts using my body as a trampoline haha.

FOOD CRAVINGS: I have been loving anything sweet and full of carbs which is not good! I try to contain myself, but overall I am just loving food in general. For a while there I was craving Chic-fil-A waffle fries like a mad woman but that craving has simmered down a bit.

FOOD AVERSIONS: Haven’t had too many aversions. During my first trimester I was not a fan of cooking chicken but I would eat it. Luckily I am able to stomach cooking chicken now and I still enjoy eating it.

BABY MOVEMENTS: I definitely have a little acrobat in there! Baby is still sitting kind of low in my tummy and can feel the kicks and bouncing on my bladder all day long! Alina was able to feel the baby kick her hand the other night and she was so excited! I couldn’t help but tear up (part of it was hormones haha) but it’s adorable seeing her so excited for her sibling.

 STRETCH MARKS: I haven’t noticed any new ones popping up, but I have noticed that some light white ones I got with Alina are starting to show themselves again. I have been rubbing down in Bio Oil which is pure Vitamin E. We have kept it on hand since Alina sliced her chin when she was 3 so I figured might as well use it up. It’s hilarious because I feel like I am basting myself like a turkey and end up being shiny with my oil rub down but who cares, if it protects me from marking I am fine. I also bought the Burt’s Bee’s Mommy Butter which I haven’t used a whole lot of because I remembered the Palmers Shea Butter used to break me out in hives with Alina, and the Burt’s Bee’s also has Shea Butter. Maybe once I finish up the Bio Oil, then I will attempt the Burt’s Bee’s more.

GENDER: We did find out the gender! Considered having a gender reveal party like we did with Alina, but I honestly didn’t have the energy to even put it together or wait to find out what it is. We ended up deciding on taking Alina with us to my ultrasound and have them tell us as a family what Baby Garcia is. I will reveal it to you guys at the end of this post :)

Overall this pregnancy hasn’t been too bad other than the baby always sitting on my bladder. In my ultrasound they found out that I had Placental Lakes which is my blood pooling in pockets on top of the placenta. My doctor assured me not to worry about it and that it is quite common. But on the other hand they want to have monthly ultrasounds done to make sure that the baby is growing appropriately and the lakes don’t prevent any growth. My thoughts were this may be why the baby is always so low in my belly, but who knows. I am just making sure to keep walking when I can and not stress too much about the condition. Have any of you guys experienced this condition when you were pregnant with your little ones? Let me know!!



That’s right, Baby Garcia is another baby girl!! Every time people would look at my belly and tell me it was a boy I would want to correct them and say they were wrong (I didn’t even know for sure at the time). But I thought I had no intuition at all and it turns out I did! Alina also knew from the beginning that we were having a little princess as well. She would get so upset anytime someone would tell her it could be a boy. It’s true what they say, kids are so intuitive about that kind of stuff.

I feel so blessed that we get to raise another precious baby girl and she will have the best big sister to show her all the ins and outs of this life! Nothing warms my heart more than knowing that they can be best friends forever…even though I know there will be some fighting along the way.

A part of me was selfishly hoping for a boy only because I wanted a mama’s boy to love on me the way Alina loves on Daniel. But this way I will have 2 girls that will be my best friends and will love on me for life. I know my mom is like my best friends so I will get a double dose of them forever!! I can’t complain too much either because Alina is so sweet and makes sure to share the love all around! 

Well thank you guys for being patient with this crazy long post! Stay tuned for some upcoming baby and beauty posts!!

xoxo Renee Michelle 

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