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7 Months of Iyla Noelle

7 Months of Iyla Noelle

Being that I am always so late to the party, I figured with this month I would try to get back to regular programming!

Phew though, the months are just flying by like crazy. It makes my mama heart sad. I was changing her into her jammies the other night and I was literally trying to figure out how 7 months could fly right before my eyes.

I literally just want to sob and cry because the months are flying by so fast and this baby has not stayed a baby for very long. No matter how hard you try to cherish and hold onto them as babies, it just never long enough.

But I am very proud of her and every milestone she makes so let’s jump into her little update with how she is doing these days.

Daycare. . .

is luckily still only 3 days a week which helps give me a piece of mind. She gets to hang with all her little friends and pick up on some skills while she’s there. Usually if she is at daycare for a couple of days she comes back stronger than she did when I took her. She doesn’t eat much milk while there which is nothing new. They tend to give her more of her baby food being that she doesn’t really like to drink out of the bottle. Same goes for when my in-laws take care of her. She is just a full on boobie lover.

Sleep. . .

is good here and there. She does wake up at night a few times but I have dwindled it down to her growing and just needing to eat, she loves to bond with mama during this time and she is not drinking as much milk during the day so we gotta fit it in somewhere.

Mama’s Sleep. . .

is very much dependent on my little nugget. I think I am used to just waking up to feed her real quick and then back to la la land I go. I just have to ensure that I am going to bed at a reasonable hour - which we all know is hard to do as a parent. Once all the babies are down it’s hard to not want to just stay up and enjoy the quiet time.

Breastfeeding. . .

is still going strong! This little girl is a true lover of breastfeeding and I don’t mind it one bit. This is such a different experience for me compared to when Alina was a baby so I am embracing the differences between the two. Being that I had no experience breastfeeding the first go around, I can truly feel and understand what everyone is talking about when they say that breastfeeding is a time for bonding and enjoying the connection. I will say though that she can be a tough one to feed because she is so concerned about what is going on around her and wants to be able to be all up in the action so it can be a battle to get her to sit there and eat without getting sprayed in the face or soaked.

Food Feeding. . .

is going well! She loves to eat baby food mixed with some of her cereal but we have also been trying to slowly introduce table food to her as well. That was my mistake with Alina and now I have a crazy picky eater. This time we have been mashing up pinto beans when we eat them and mix it with some of the juice and just let her try everything and anything as long as it is safe and supervised. So far she is not a fan of avocados and is a huge fan of chocolate ice cream haha BIG SURPRISE there!

Mobility. . .

is going great. I think within a week or two we will definitely have a crawler on our hands. She is getting the hang of going on all fours and rocking away. We also learned that we cannot put her in her swing anymore because she flips over on her belly and shimmies her way out of it - luckily I have mom spidey sense and caught her midair when that went down! She loves to rock herself in her bouncer still so that’s fun and she is a crazy little jumping bean in her jumperoo. While sitting by herself she tends to lunge herself at you like a rocket catching some momentum by rocking prior which is hilarious.

Overall, this little girlie is a little mischievous and adorable monster. We already know that we’re just gonna have to keep our eyes on her at all times because she loves to just get into everything. Polar opposite from Alina which is fine because we were expecting it.

She is also a HUGE mama’s girl that is super attached but also loves to babble and play with her daddy. Sister is her favorite friend and laughs at just about anything and everything she does.

No first words yet even though I feel like she already says “Maaaaaammm” haha.

But we are closer to her year mark now which I will be completely heartbroken about btw…love on all your babies friends!

♡ Renee Michelle

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