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Birthday Fun

Birthday Fun

Hey guys! This weekend my little sugar turned 5 years old!! It’s seriously mind blowing how quickly she has grown up into a cute little girl full of personality, sass and curiosity.

We spent the weekend spoiling her and celebrating her birthday. Her actual birthday was Saturday so we let her pick what she wanted for breakfast (we told her she could have ANYTHING she wanted) and she chose cereal 😂 her wish was my command LOL!

My mom came into town and we took Alina and my niece and nephew to a trampoline park to have some fun. She had a bumpy start because she’s so skinny and small and would get knocked down when adults or bigger kids would be jumping around her but eventually she got the hang of it! Towards the end of the session she was like a little grasshopper jumping around 😂

For lunch we gave her the same choice of picking out whatever she wants to eat and her choice was……

Chick-fil-A 🤣

So off we went to fine dine inside Chick-fil-A and she got to play inside the play land. Daniel and I were totally down with her choice since we absolutely love eating there too lol!!

She specifically requested a Hello Kitty cake which made me kind of nervous since it’s usually luck of the draw when you get a last minute bakery cake. BUT thank the heavens above there was 1 Hello Kitty cake ready to buy! AND she had specifically requested a white on white cake and that’s what this cake was 🙌🏻 Luck was on our side!

Overall she had a fabulous time celebrating her special day! We had a ton of fun spoiling her and letting her live it up all day/weekend long.

Here she is so happy when we sang her Happy Birthday 😍

Her hair is a mess from all the jumping, running and playing she did all day haha!

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