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My Hospital Bag for Baby #2

My Hospital Bag for Baby #2

Hi Guys! Time is ticking away and I am now in my home stretch of this pregnancy. Nesting is starting to set in and I have been in panic productive mode at home! There have been many little panic attacks that have set in when I start thinking about how much closer we are to this baby making her grand entrance into the world. I am trying to prepare everything so I am totally ready if she comes early or of course late. I honestly have a feeling she will be coming in slightly early but not too early.

So the last time I had to pack a hospital bag it was 5 years ago…FIVE!! I have been trying to dive deep into my memory and think of what I packed the last time and remember what I used/didn't use. One memory that is engrained in my mind is I sent Daniel to get snacks so we would have some at the hospital and he ended up eating them all at home while I was in labor waiting to go to the hospital 😂! He was extremely nervous and just naturally ate everything before we even went to the hospital. This time I’m going to pack them in the bag since now and not tell him they’re in there lol.

SO this time I think I am definitely going to pack a bit smarter since I am a little more “seasoned” than the first time haha. Let’s jump into it.


Nursing Nightgown

I brought one of these the first time and I definitely used it. After I had Alina, there was no way I was going to be putting on pants so wearing one of these nightgowns was perfect while staying in the hospital because it has nursing capabilities as well as open bottom so they can check you during the frequent rounds. Also it fits the fancy mom diapers you get the pleasure of wearing after as well haha! I found a super soft one at Walmart for $16.

Nursing Bras

I recently went to Target to find a few nursing bras and the ones they had in stock literally terrified me, they were so ugly, ill-fitting and uncomfortable. I picked up a couple of basic non-padded ones from Walmart that were not very expensive. I plan on ordering some from Amazon that my bestie recommended, I just haven’t done it yet. I also want to be sure I will be able to nurse this baby before buying more because unfortunately I was unable to with Alina.

Nursing Tanks

I’m packing a couple nursing tank choices to wear on the way home from the hospital. Of course we don’t know what little road blocks we are going to hit while being in the hospital, so I may need one sooner than the trip home depending on the length of our stay. I want to make sure I am prepared for every situation possible.


When I had Alina I remember I used the hell out of my robe and I don’t think it will be any different this time around. Hospital’s get cold and having a warm fuzzy robe was truly a life saver. It was also awesome to have as a cover up when I was walking around. I’ve had my robe for a few years and I believe I got it from Target, but you can honestly find them anywhere.

Nursing Pads & Nursing Cream

I’m packing some nursing pads to help with any leakage on the way home. I know my milk will not fully come in until days later after having her but as I said before, I just want to be prepared. And then nursing cream of course, no sore and cracked nips around here.

Slippers/Non-slip Socks

I remember I definitely used my non-slip socks religiously! You are not allowed to walk without any on anyway because obviously FALL RISK and hospital floors are 🤢 I’m also gonna take some slippers too just in case I want to go for a walk down the hall or to the nursery because our hospital has a nursery that they are able to take the babies to if you’d like. (Seriously a lifesaver when you are up for hours and NEED sleep after delivery).

Flip Flops

Hospitals are cleaned regularly but after working in one, I am still a bit of a germ-a-phobe. I’m taking some flip flops to wear in the shower so I won’t have to be barefoot.

Going Home Outfit

So as I stated before, I plan on wearing a nursing tank and I packed a pair of leggings and sweats depending on how bloated I still am. Also will be based on how I’m feeling - I may not want to squeeze into leggings and opt for the sweats. We shall see.



The first go around I was a new mom and I was seriously terrified to dress poor Alina in the hospital. Poor thing spent the entire time wearing a little wrap shirt, pamper and some socks haha! This time we are changing that up because I feel way more comfortable and seasoned 😆 But I am packing a couple of onsie pajamas to put her in while we are lounging around so she is snuggly warm and dressed.

Going Home Outfit

So as cute as some of the little outfits are for little girls, I am going to take her home in some jammies. Babies are used to being naked in the womb and I always feel bad putting them in crazy outfits when they are fresh out of the womb haha. So with that being said, I packed a cute little onsie pajama to put her in for the drive home. Also being that I will be having her in March, I am unsure whether it’s going to be warm/cold when she makes her entrance, New Mexico weather is always so iffy. I prefer to just have her comfortable 🤷🏻‍♀️

Boppy Pillow

I remember when I had Alina it was such a pain to try and breastfeed her by stacking pillows at the hospital to support my hold on her. I learned my lesson and will be taking my boppy pillow.

Miscellaneous Baby Items

The hospital provides pretty much everything we need for the baby, but I will be packing some miscellaneous stuff just in case.

They provide diapers but I will be packing a couple just in case she needs them for whatever reason. And then of course some wipes and diaper cream as well.

I also packed some little mittens so she doesn’t give herself a gash across the face with those sharp little nails they come out with and I am also taking a cutie little hat that is different from the hospital provided one.

Couple pairs of fuzzy socks for her just in case she has to stay in a wrap shirt since she’s going to constantly be getting checked on during our stay.

A couple of side wrap undershirts to wear under her jammies. All about layering with the NB’s.

Our own swaddle blanket just to have for pictures and be more personable as well as a thicker blanket to cover her with when she’s in her car seat on the trek home.

Car seat of course which is necessary when it’s time to go home from the hospital.


Of course I’m take the basics such as, body wash, face wash, moisturizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, makeup wipes, hair ties, chapstick, etc.

I plan on taking dry shampoo instead of the whole shampoo & conditioner shebang. I live for dry shampoo and not having to wash my hair all of the time haha!

I packed my own towel because the hospital towels are paper thin and I know what towels get used for and I just prefer to take my own 😬

As for makeup, I’m not planning on taking a lot. More than likely my mascara, brow pencil and maybe a light foundation..we shall see. That’ll be a last minute pack.

Miscellaneous Items

Phone charger of course and if I happen to not be at home when I go into labor, I can just have Daniel go home and get it at some point.

Snacks will be packed and ready to go and secretly stored in my bag as I said before so they make it to the hospital this time 😆

Phone charger obviously will be a last minute item that gets packed and I may take my own fuzzy blanket. A lot is going to depend on how much Daniel is willing to carry in for me because we are praying for a short stay haha. I tend to overpack but prefer to be ready for any situation 🤗

Welp…that’s pretty much it. Anything else I forget, I plan on having Daniel get it for me after she’s out and I let him stray from the hospital haha.

Let me know if you guys have any other ideas of things I’m missing or what you used and couldn’t imagine leaving behind!

Xoxo Renee Michelle

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